Our company websites... Comprehensive Online Garden Centre for gardening supplies, landscaping supplies, plant nursery supplies and farming supplies - delivered in Gauteng and around South Africa! Garden in a tray - water-wise drought tolerant plants in trays of 45 and 128 - for cost-effective solutions to landscaping! Wedding / Conference / Event / Exhibition decorations - glass succulent planters, abalone shell planters and square wooden / cement succulent planters - perfect for event decorations or even just for your home patio! Wholesale agricultural fertiliser / kunsmis supplies for farmers / government tenders / distributors / resellers - superlinks and triaxles delivered around South Africa and even cross-border to other Southern African countries! Wholesale agricultural lawn / forage / fodder / green manure supplies for farmers - delivered around South Africa and even cross-border to other Southern African countries! Johannesburg's Succulent Specialists - water-wise / drought tolerant / succulent / vetplante plant nursery - situated in North Riding AH, JHB, SA! Specializing in exhibition / conference / event plantscaping and soft garden landscaping - also offering SketchUp 3D garden / landscape / plantscape design!

About Us

Succulent-Trays.co.za is based at Labyrinth Nursery in North Riding AH, Johannesburg, South Africa

We are passionate about succulents and are the only specialist succulent nursery in the Jo'burg area.

These plants were born to survive and the only time they are at risk is if they get too much water or are planted in a
waterlogged area... although not all succulents are affected, a vast majority of succulents would prefer to be watered
only once every week.


We are always looking for new and amazing hardcore plants to wow and delight the avid gardener and newcomer alike.

These plants truly are spectacular and will always amaze the grower, by there resilience and pure determination!

Succulent-Trays.co.za is our way of showing you the wide range of possibilities that succulents have in a garden setting...
... water-wise plants are the only way to go... so get inspired and be environmentally responsible at the same time!

Njoy our plants as much as we do :)