DIY Landscaping

Succulent trays are perfect for all garden sizes, from small gardens normally found in complex units to large plots where watering is not very easy.

They are the perfect Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Landscaping / Gardening solution, because we have already done all the work of putting together waterwise plant combinations that will suit any garden of any size!

This truly is landscaping / gardening made simple!

We have put some of our landscaping ideas of different plant combinations or colour ranges into 45 cavity trays. 

So, the succulent plants are big enough to be planted in your garden without getting lost, yet there are enough plants per tray to be a really cost-effective landscaping solution to your small garden landscaping needs! 

We also have 128 cavity trays that are generally different ranges of succulent groundcovers, which are perfect as filler plants for large empty spaces in your garden / entrance!

The beauty about using succulent plants / vetplante (or other waterwise landscaping plants) in your small garden designs / layouts, is that, once established, you only need water your garden once-a-week!

In fact, in the wetter months you don’t have to water at all, so you have peace-of-mind that your garden will continue growing whether you remember to water it or not! 

Once you go succulent, you never go back!