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Succulent Trays - DIY Landscaping - Do-It-Yourself Gardening - succulent plants in a do-it-yourself tray - succulent plants are a sustainable solution to low-maintenance gardening - succulent plants rule!

Succulent-Trays.co.za is based at our specialist succulent plants / vetplante nursery (Labyrinth Nursery) in North Riding AH, Jo’burg, Gauteng, South Africa.
Our new concept to help gardening or landscaping customers with their garden planting combinations is to put indigenous / waterwise / succulent plants / vetplante / drought tolerant plants into convenient plant trays, including 128 / 45 / 32 / 24 cavity trays.

We have catered of straight succulent plants, and a mix of succulent plants and other types of plants like veld-type grasses and other waterwise / drought tolerant / indigenous plants that are suitable combinations for succulent plants.
Our idea is to cater for various kinds of customers, for example, our waterwise groundcover trays of 128 cavities are perfect for complex entrances or estate centre islands or roadside pavement gardens, or landscapers who deal with these kinds of waterwise landscapes.
Our designer garden trays of 45 cavities are perfect small garden ideas for complex unit gardens, catering for the common small garden sizes found in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas!

We are of the opinion that succulent plants are the future of gardening in Southern Africa and all areas of the planet that have issues with water!

These tough (normally indigenous) drought tolerant / waterwise plants are built to withstand minimal water.

They are designed in a way that they lock the water into their stems and leaves.

And, in fact, they are survival experts, because they can go many months without soil or water!

Eventually the entire world will have to grow succulent plants in their gardens to save on water.

It is only a matter of time before governments enforce restrictions on watering of gardens… time to enter the world of the amazing succulent plants!